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Cricket Bat Care Tips: How to Maintain Your Bat for Longevity

Quality cricket bats are made to last. However, like anything, they do require a little tender loving care (TLC) for added longevity. Here are some tips to maintain your cricket bat and ensure it gives you years of good service at the crease:

1. Always knock-in a new bat

You MUST knock-in your newly purchased cricket bat, before you use it. This can be done in two ways:

Cricket Bat Mallet

It is recommended that you use a special cricket bat mallet to knock-in your bat (for at least two hours before use, though some require at least six hours). To do this, you want to cover off all areas of the face of the bat, gradually increasing the force of your knocks. Avoid knocking the handle, sides or back of the bat, but particular attention should be given to the edges.

The knocking-in process should be completed over the space of a few weeks. If any seam marks or indentations appear on the bat after this, you have some more work to do knocking in the bat. If they don’t, you are good to go. However, there’s a faster and more efficient method for doing this!

Knock-in Machine

At CRICKET FOR ALL, we also offer a cricket bat knocking service, which uses a machine to repeatedly knock your bat across the toe, edges, and blades. Applying approximately 15,000 knocks in a short time, this process ensures your cricket bat is correctly knocked-in, and good to use in no time at all.

Properly knocking in a new bat helps condense the wood fibres within it, improving performance and reducing the chances of the bat breaking!

2. Regularly oil your bat

New cricket bats also require oiling:

  • Before use
  • Continually (every 2-3 months).

Regularly oiling your bat helps maintain moisture and prevent cracks. Further, it is especially important for uncovered bats without Extratec protective film.

When oiling your bat, ensure you ONLY use special cricket bat oil, known as linseed oil. To do so, apply a thin coat to the face, edges, and back of the blade – but avoid the splice and stickers!

Let the oil completely dry and then buff out any excess oil. Be careful not to over-oil because doing so can make the bat heavy and soft.

3. Clean your bat after use

After using your bat, don’t just put it away in your bag and forget about it until the following week.

Using a slightly damp cloth, wipe away any dirt or moisture before storing it.

4. Carefully store your bat

To ensure longevity, cricket bats need to be correctly stored in a cool, dry place – away from direct sunlight or excessive heat. Correct storage helps prevent the bat from drying out and cracking.

5. Get a cricket bat cover

Investing in a cricket bat cover can help protect your bat from dust, moisture and accidental damage during transport or storage. Cricket bat covers are relatively inexpensive and could help prolong the life of a bat which is a valuable asset.

6. Regularly inspect your bat

Be sure to check your bat regularly for any signs of damage, cracks or weakness.

Minor damage might be able to be addressed or repaired before it becomes major damage.

Need some tools to look after your cricket bat?

Whether you are looking for a new cricket bat or are in need of some items to maintain your current bat, check out our online store. We stock top-brand cricket bats along with bat mallets, cricket bat oil, cricket bat covers and much more! Want our bat-knocking services? Contact us today: (08) 7095 5777