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Accessorize Your Game: Must-Have Cricket Accessories and Gadgets

There are some essentials that every cricketer needs to get started in the sport. These include a bat, ball, pads, and a helmet. But those wanting to really elevate their game should look to get their hands on some other must-have accessories and gadgets Here are some of the top picks to accessorize your game:

1. Bat Grip

A bat grip is critical for controlling your cricket bat and executing your shots.

Be mindful that bat grips wear out and therefore, require changing from time-to-time. A worn-out grip can lose traction and become slippery, while older grips can also become stiffer and consequently, uncomfortable in the hands during long batting sessions. A new grip can make a big difference by:

  • Providing greater control over the bat.
  • Reducing the potential for fatigue.

2. Hanging Ball

If you’re looking to work on your batting alone, a hanging ball is the best way to do it!

The Gray-Nicolls Batting Master Ball is essentially a cricket ball on a string, which you can hang from a garage ceiling, a sturdy tree brand in the backyard, or any other suitable spot. You can then practice your foot work and test different shots to:

  • Improve your batting skills.
  • Enhance your hand-eye coordination.

3. Practice Stumps

Getting your own practice stumps can be beneficial, no matter what type of player you are. They are a safe and convenient way to work on your game, whether it be by yourself or with a partner:

  • Batting – Practice your shots in front of the wickets with someone else bowling to you.
  • Bowling – Practice your bowling to the stumps with a batter in front (or not).
  • Fielding – Practice your fielding skills by having throws at the stumps – from different angles and distances!

Standard metal stumps are available, but spring-loaded wooden stumps are generally better given they can be hit without toppling over or needing to be reset. Some spring-loaded wooden stumps even come with bails connected to strings if you want the most realistic experience in your training.

You can also get a single target, spring-mounted stump, which is ideal for fielding and bowling training!

4. Kit Bag

When playing cricket, you will quickly accumulate a bit of gear. Between your bat, balls, pads, helmet, and a water bottle, there is a bit to take with you to training and games. You may well accumulate a few other accessories, too!

The best way to carry around all your gear is with a specialised cricket kit bag. Many of these bags have multiple pockets for storing different items, with some even including insulated pockets for storing snacks or drinks.

Because a lot of cricket gear can be heavy, many kit bags also have a sturdy set of wheels on them to make moving them around a lot easier (Smaller backpack-style kit bags are also available).  

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