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10 Essential Batting Drills Every Cricketer Should Master

In cricket, every player on the team gets a bat in most matches.

Therefore, it is important for every cricketer to master some essential batting drills so that they are ready to take their opportunity at the crease.

Here are 10 essential batting drills for budding cricketers.

1. Top hand drill

This drill aims to isolate each of your hands on the bat and improve technique. Have a partner drop the ball a stride length in front of you and – with only your top hand on the bat – step to the ball and play a drive. Try and keep your elbow high and the bat controlled.

2. Bottom hand drill

A similar set up to the top hand drill, but this time use only your bottom hand on the bat. Your bottom hand is there to act as a guide and help you direct shots, as well as providing power.

3. Balance drill

When playing shots, it is important to maintain balance. Practice some shadow batting or hitting against a bowling machine and go through a range of different shots, focusing on maintaining good balance throughout.

4. Front foot drives

Study the mechanics of this shot and practice with either deliveries from a partner or a bowling machine. Focus on stepping forward with your front foot and mix up the pace and length of the bowling, adapting your shots accordingly.

5. Back foot drives

An important skill to have for short-pitched deliveries, this involves stepping back in the crease with your weight on the back foot and making contact with the ball forward of your body. Practice a range of shots with deliveries from a partner or a bowling machine.

6. Pulls and hooks

Pull and hook shots can help combat aggressive pace bowlers. Look into the mechanics of these shots and practice them in the nets, focusing on timing your movement onto your back foot and directing the shots with precision – without losing balance.

7. Pace bowling drill

Use a bowling machine or have a partner bowl to you at pace. Try playing a range of different shots, including straight drives, cuts and pulls.

8. Spin bowling drill

Again using a bowling machine – this time set to spin – or having a partner bowl spin to you, work on playing more defensive shots, sweeps and lofted shots against the spinning ball.

9. Pick the length

Picking the length of a ball – and quickly – can be key in batting. Separate a cricket pitch into three sections using some marker cones. These should represent full, good and short balls. As a partner throws balls to you, call out which section you think the ball will pitch in before it does.

10. Running between wickets

A few extra runs can make a difference in some matches. With a partner at the other end, practice your communication, judgement and speed in running between wickets.

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